Friday, 9 December 2011

Colouring in Cleo

So... i actually did everything backwards in the end...

I didn't directly start to UV map, instead i decided to have a stab at rigging my character. 
I made a skeleton for cleo and started putting controls on her/ IK handles and at the moment i'm waiting on feed back regarding my rig.

So in the mean time Cleo has been UV mapped... except now for purposes of ease when painting and for more accuracy when painting, the UV map is being altered again. 
I tried putting my current UV map on my model but its a bit messy in places e.g. on the belt and on the neck piece.

Here are some renders of how Cleo is at the moment... but it's just a rough colouring at the moment:

Print Screen of Cleo Model

Print screen of Cleo model with rough UV mapping.

Taken from the episode Asterix and Cleopatra

So after the UV-mapping is finished i will need to sort my rig out. It's pretty much done (she says....) but i need to look at rigging the jaw and using blend shapes for facial expressions, because i want to get some lip-syncing into my animation.

Print Screen of almost Rigged Maya Model

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